Spotkanie z "Ojcem LabVIEW"

Jeff Kodosky - the Father of LabVIEW Visiting AGH

Known as the Father of LabVIEW by engineers and scientists around the world, Jeff Kodosky cofounded National Instruments in 1976 and has continued to mentor the global R&D organization and pioneer graphical system design approach through NI LabVIEW. Kodosky's invention of LabVIEW was named one of the "Top 50 Milestones for the Industry" by Electronic Design magazine and is recognized with more than 100 national and international awards from major industry publications including EE Times, Electronics Weekly, Elektronik, Engineering for You, EDN, NASA Tech Briefs, and Test & Measurement World. Kodosky holds 68 patents associated with LabVIEW technology and was inducted into the Electronic Design Engineering Hall of Fame for his invention.

The meeting with Jeff Kodosky is open for all students and employees of AGH and will take place on 8. June 2015 in building B1, room H24.


9.45 - 10.30 - The short story of NI LabVIEW - from its creation through almost 30 years of development - by Jeff Kodosky

10.30 - 11.30 - Presentation of key users of NI LabVIEW in teaching and research from AGH